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How to find your Instagram Nametag

Instagram introduced the Nametag to provide a simple way to collect followers. It works a bit like a QR code that can be scanned by other Instagram users in order to follow you. It seems to have gone down well, even if it was rolled back from Stories.

To set up your own Nametag, navigate to your profile, then hit the menu icon on the upper right-hand side.


Tap on "Nametag" and you'll be able to see how your current Nametag looks. 

You can make it your own by tapping through a few different design options, including an emoji background, a selfie and a multi-colored screen.


To scan someone else's Instagram Nametag, navigate to your profile again, tap the menu icon on the upper right hand, and tap "Nametag". Your Instagram Nametag will pop up, but you'll also be able to choose the "scan a nametag" option at the bottom to scan someone else's in.

Other ways to use your Instagram Nametag

  • Networking

Networking events, parties, or situations are great opportunities to use your Instagram Nametag. These places can be loud, and conversations are usually short. Instead of struggling to hear a username to follow your new friend, you can scan each other's Nametags or better still, hand out a sticker with your nametag on it and ask them to stick it up somewhere after they have used it.

  • At Conferences/Corporate Events

Conferences and corporate events are great for making connections in your industry. Make it easy for them to take the interaction past your booth by creating signage with your Nametag that they can scan.

Remember you can use flyers, conference agendas, and any handout materials to promote your social media channels.

  • In Print

Speaking of signage - why not put your Instagram Nametag on print materials?  Order our socialtag stickers to put onto the back of your phone, onto your laptop, or in the subway.  You could add a sticker with each order you send out. Ask us about specials on larger quantities.

  • In Emails 

Email signatures are great places to highlight any upcoming initiatives - so why not try your Instagram Nametag? You can also send a dedicated social media email with your Nametag to your list to get them to follow you online.

  • Physical Locations

Signage in physical locations is a simple reminder for your visitors to continue their experience and follow you online. Try creating signage with your Instagram Nametag to gain more followers. Stick your nametag around your city to attract more followers.